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Created by Edi on: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 00:32:56 GMT, Last modification: Thu, 01 Apr 2010 16:06:07 GMT

ASDF is Another System Definition Facility.

Web site
Mailing list
Version1.661 - Wednesday, 24 March 2010
OS compatibilityLinux, Unix, MacOS X, Windows
ASDF installableNo
Official Download
Mirrored Download
Source code repositorygit clone

ASDF is a tool for describing how source files are organized: what depends on which and when. I.e., it is Another System Definition Facility.

If you want to use ASDF with other people's systems, see the getting started guide. For details on defining your own systems, you should browse the manual.

It intends to solve the same basic class of problems as mk-defsystem, but internally it takes advantage of modern CL features like pathname support, etc, and it uses CLOS for extensibility.

Compatible Implementations

OpenMCL | CLISP | LispWorks | Allegro Common Lisp | Scieneer Common Lisp | CMUCL | SBCL | ECL

Required by these libraries

| CL-RCFiles | evol | Unix-Style CLI Option Parser | Common Lisp Gtk-Server Wrapper | Foreign Structures By Value | GNU Scientific Library for Lisp | cl-selenium | Objective-CL | LOCAL-TIME | cl-migrations | cl-migrations | cl-wdim | fare-csv | Lisp Blosxom | S-Dot: A Common Lisp Interface to Graphviz Dot | Blowfish | Clickr & Automatr | sparkline | SKIPPY | CL-TCLINK

Authors and Maintainers

Daniel Barlow


Defystem | Unix family | Windows family | MIT

Linked from these items

ASDF-Binary-Locations | Common Lisp Librarian | asdf-ecs | ch-asdf | defsystem-compatibility | ASDF Manual | Setting up ASDF for CLISP+Win32 | Using ASDF with Corman Common Lisp

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