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    Tuesday, 18 September 2018 - anonymous
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Jans Aasman
Director of Engineering at Franz, Inc.

Paolo Amoroso
Paolo Amoroso lives in Milano, Italy, where he currently works in astronomy popularization for the Hoepli planetarium, the largest in the country, and for University of Milano's School of Physics, His...

James Anderson

Marco Antoniotti
Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca, Milan, Italy.

Marco Baringer
JACLH (Just Another Common Lisp Hacker) and software consultant. Made several Common Lisp utilities and made UnCommon Web, a web application framework.

Daniel Barlow
Creator of CLiki, ASDF, ASDF-INSTALL, and one of the SBCL developers, amongst other things.

Marc Battyani
The author and main administrator of this web site. Also an electronics and software engineer using Common Lisp to design high performance systems.

Gilbert Baumann

Arto Bendiken
I'm a twentysomething Scheme hacker living in sunny Spain. I foray to Common Lisp now and then.

Matthias Benkard
A student of computer science and mathematics at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, and, more relevantly, the author of Objective-CL, a portable CL/Objective-C bridge, as well as various complete...

William Bland

Jerry Boetje
CS instructor at the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC. Long-time Lisp user and developer. Architect and manager of the CLforJava project at the College of Charleston.

Ivan Boldyrev

Pascal Bourguignon
Common Lisp programmer with a collection of code in Common Lisp and Emacs Lisp.

Tim Bradshaw

Lars Brinkhoff
Author of Emacs Common Lisp.

Willem Broekema
Willem is the Dutch guy behind CLPython.

Thomas F. Burdick

Leonardo Cecchi
Developer of Common Lisp GTK-Server Wrapper

Juliusz Chroboczek

Roger Corman
Creator of Corman Lisp.

Jason Cornez
Chief Technology Officer at RavenPack. Lead developer in Common Lisp.

Pascal Costanza

Martin Cracauer

Drew Crampsie
Drew Crampsie is a web developer + member/owner + Director at the Tech Co-op.

David Creelman

Kevin Crosbie
Lisp Developer currently working for Ravenpack International S.L. in Marbella, Spain.

Theo D'Hondt

Irène Durand

Janis Dzerins

Richard Fateman
papers and programs in lisp for symbolic mathematical computation and other tasks.

Michael Filonenko

Will Fitzgerald

Frode V. Fjeld

Markus Flambard

Dave Fox
A director of LispWorks Ltd.

Andreas Fuchs
Andreas Fuchs is the author of a few Lisp libraries, some of which have to do with burning CPU power on otherwise-idle machines.

Richard P. Gabriel

Manuel Gamallo
Very curious about Lisp in general. Enthusiast Lisp Programmer.

Juan José García-Ripoll
In the free time, maintainer of the Common Lisp implementation ECL. Otherwise, quantum physicist at various research institutions.

Dirk Gerrits

Frank Goenninger
Using Lisp for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM/PDM) applications. See

Luke Gorrie
A SLIME hacker.

Bruno Haible
One of the creators (and still an active developer) of GNU CLISP.

Klaus Harbo

Cyrus Harmon

Iban Hatchondo

Magnus Henoch

Ossi Herrala
Electrical engineering student from Oulu, Finland.

Peter Herth

Rich Hickey

Jörg Höhle

Hans Hübner

Dmitriy Ivanov
Programmer and independent Lisp consultant.

Mikael Jansson
Twentysomething Lisp apprentice living in rainy Gothenburg.

Teemu Kalvaas

Stefan Kamphausen
physicist, programmer from Goettingen/Germany.

Mark Kantrowitz
Author of some Common Lisp libraries in the early nineties. He also established the CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository.

Gary King
unClog is Gary King's technical weblog.

Heiko Kirschke

Matt Knox
A programmer in New York City.

Nicolas Lamirault

Francis Leboutte

António Menezes Leitão

Arthur Lemmens
A Common Lisp programmer/consultant, living in Amsterdam. Co-organizer of the European Common Lisp Meetings in 2005 and 2006. An administrator of this site.

Nick Levine

David Lichteblau

Björn Lindberg

Christian Lynbech
I work in the telecom sector.

Pierre Mai

Barry Margolin

JP Massar

Drew McDermott
Yale computer science professor, author of some Lisp libraries.

Russell McManus
Chief technology officer, Fox River Partners, and longtime Common Lisp programmer.

Yuji Minejima

Sunil Mishra
Works at SRI International as a computer scientist, though fancies himself as more of a lisp hacker.

Alex Mizrahi

Timothy Moore

Erik Naggum

Nicolas Neuss
Author of FemLisp.

Jim Newton

Peter Norvig
Author of "Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp". Director of Research at Google.

Sven-Olof Nyström

Manuel Odendahl

Luís Oliveira

Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga
A common lisp gardener, PhD student, and Programmer-Archaeologist.

David Owen
Lisp contracter/consultant in the Salt Lake City, UT, USA area.

Juri Pakaste

John Pallister
John Pallister is a Lisp programmer in Wellington, New Zealand. His current main interest is in bolting Corman Lisp onto the Torque Game Engine.

Kent Pitman
Project editor for the ANSI standard and creator of the HyperSpec, among other things.

William Proffitt
Technology Manager for Dunlap & Partners Engineers located in Richmond, VA. USA. As well as managing everything IT related, Lispworks and Autolisp programmer.

Christian Queinnec

Kevin Raison
Founder, President and Senior Consultant of LLC, a small IT firm headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Currently developing Lisp based application software for multimedia editing and publ...

Abhijit Rao
Lisp Dev from Mumbai, India.

Duane Rettig
Developer at Franz Inc. Maintainer of the base lisp of Allegro CL. Ports Allegro CL to new platforms. Member of ALU Board of Directors.

Christophe Rhodes
SBCL and McCLIM developer.

Sean Ross
Sean Ross used to live in Johannesburg, South Africa but recently moved to London where he works in Ruby and Java to pay for playing with CL. I can be contacted at sross <at> common-lisp <dot> net

Jochen Schmidt
Jochen Schmidt is an author and software developer.

Peter Seibel
Author of Practical Common Lisp and chief monkey at Gigamonkeys Consulting.

Emre Sevinc

Jeff Shrager

Nikodemus Siivola
An SBCL developer; one of the founders of

Massimo Spataro
Senior programmer 25 Year of work on programming and usage of lisp. Project manager for italian company Freelance, hack 3600 lispmachine with reverse code around of bytecode and resume code of first ...

Kilian Sprotte

Guy L. Steele Jr.
Programming language researcher. Author of "Common Lisp the Language". Co-creator of Scheme. Etcetera.

Sam Steingold

Robert Strandh
Robert Strandh has been a teacher/researcher at the university of Bordeaux in France for nearly 18 years, where he is now a full professor.

Ties Stuij
A dutch guy living in Sweden, dabbling a bit with Lisp.

Matthew Swank
Author of cl-kanren-trs

Rick Taube
Associate Professor Composition/Theory, School of Music, University of Illinois

Jens Teich

Eric Thorsen

Kenny Tilton
Creator of Cells, Cello and The Road To Lisp.

Raymond Toy

Mike Travers

Evrim Ulu

Sven Van Caekenberghe

Peter Van Eynde
I'm a CL hacker at heart, but working as a unix/security SE at the moment. I also package CL libraries and implementations for Debian.

Didier Verna
Assistant Professor at EPITA (French computer science private university), organizer of the European Lisp Workshop, member of the European Lisp Symposium steering committee, XEmacs maintainer and part...

Espen Vestre

Matthieu Villeneuve

Edi Weitz
A Common Lisp programmer/consultant, living in Hamburg. Co-organizer of the European Common Lisp Meetings 2005, 2006, and 2008. An administrator of this site.

Raymond de Lacaze

aycan irican