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Created by stuart on: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 00:48:19 GMT, Last modification: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 00:48:19 GMT

A group of Lisp users in the New York City area. Monthly meetings with guest lecturers. Google Summer of Code sponsor.

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New York City, New York


LispNYC is a group devoted to the advocacy and advancement of professional software developers in their adoption of Lisp technology.

We accomplish this through targeted programs of education and outreach as well as regular monthly meetings, email lists, development projects and spirited conversation with NY metro area Lisp professionals.

Our meetings are always scheduled on the second Tuesday of every month. Archived video of most meetings is available on the web site.

A Sampling of Past Meetings

8 Nov 2005 - The Next Generation of Language Design and why Lisp is Relevant - Joel Spolsky of "Joel on Software" fame speaks on the next-generation of language design and why Lisp is relevant!

3 Sep 2005 - How To Tell Stuff To A Computer, The Enigmatic Art of Knowledge Representation - Conrad Conrad Barski created this presentation in order to help demistify the science of knowledge representation (KR for short) for all who are interested in this still largely underappreciated scientific field. Representing knowledge, in itself, is not a very difficult thing to understand: It is no mystery that computers are a great way to store and retrieve information. But have you ever wondered where things currently stand with the science behind computer information? Is the way we currently use information on computers about as good as it can be? ...Or, can we expect that there are major advancements still ahead of us?

14 June 2005 - Lisp and the Lambda Calculus - Anton van Straaten re-presented his fascinating work with Lambda Calculus to a crowded room of about 40 people.

10 May 2005 - Axiom - Timothy Daly presented the entire 30 year history of Axiom, a general-purpose computer algebra system to a crowd of 30.


Matt Knox


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The past and future meetings should be entered as Events so that people looking for events in NY can find them.

Submitted by marc.battyani 4692 days 16 hours 29 min ago