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Created by fare on: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 16:49:09 GMT, Last modification: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 17:00:07 GMT

uniform frontend to running Common Lisp code from a unix shell
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Version2.06 -
OS compatibilityTested on Linux and FreeBSD with a variety of shells and Lisp implementation.
The #!/usr/bin/cl-launch feature doesn't seem to work on all kernels.
ASDF installableYes
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CL-Launch is a shell script and Lisp library that helys interface your Lisp software to the shell command-line.

Lisp software is specified from the sequence of an optional Lisp source file, an optional asdf system, an optional startup function, and optional forms to evaluate (and optionally print or write).

Specified software can be executed on the fly (the default), or turned into a shell script that will execute it. Optionally, a Lisp image can be dumped to achieve faster startup (at the cost of not recompiling the latest version).

CL-Launch will compile files into a per-implementation fasl cache, located by default under ~/.cache/lisp-fasl/ -- it also works well with common-lisp-controller.

See the web site for complete documentation.

Currently supported implementations are: clisp, cmucl, sbcl, openmcl, ecl, allegro, gcl.

Please contribute support for your favorite implementation.

CL-Launch will work with any POSIX compliant shell (and is regularly tested with many variants thereof). It depends on sed to quote filenames into strings to give to Lisp when said filenames need quoting.

Compatible Implementations

ECL | GCL | OpenMCL | SBCL | CMUCL | CLISP | Allegro Common Lisp

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Tools | Common Lisp | Unix family | LLGPL

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François-René Bân Rideau Dang-Vu

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