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Created by alemmens on: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 22:17:40 GMT, Last modification: Tue, 24 Jul 2007 16:46:46 GMT

RavenPack provides corporate and government clients with global consulting services and analytical solutions. Through a methodology integrating powerful mathematical and artificial intelligence technologies, RavenPack produces accurate, comprehensive and real-time solutions to customers' problems. RavenPack delivers intelligence and analytical services in the areas of finance and investment, business and research, and risk management.

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+34 952-907-390

The majority of RavenPack's software is built in Common Lisp. We work primarily with Franz Allegro Common Lisp.

RavenPack's mission is to give clients actionable insight into large or complex datasets. That is, we enable decision-making through instant web-access to terabytes of data. The core infrastructure that makes this happen is RavenSpaceŽ, a technology we've been refining since 1999 that brings datasets which are otherwise computationally inaccessible to client desktops.

The dataset that represents our core expertise is the news. RavenPack's massive servers use live news feeds to collect hundreds of stories per minute, compile and analyze them, and produce navigable time series analytics. These analytics - whether one month in 1995, two days last week or the past thirty seconds - are available to clients with just a few clicks for use in algorithmic trading.

We build our business on delivering this unprecedented level of access to news analytics through two mediums: a RavenPack suite of web solutions, and as joint services with partners such as Dow Jones. Whatever the client, our news analytics are designed to empower action. For some that means executing a trade based on sudden changes in market sentiment, and for others that means reacting to new government policies.

RavenPack's leading web solution is the RavenSpaceŽ Algorithmic Trading Platform, which leverages our core news technology and industry-standard algorithmic trading tools. As a long-time expert of analyzing financial news, we are the only company that offers a fully automated service from story analysis to trade execution - all in real-time through a web-based interface.

To learn how your organization can benefit from RavenPack's insights, e-mail


Jason Cornez


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