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    Thursday, 18 October 2018 - anonymous
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ASDF installable (153 items) Libraries that are compatible with the ASDF-INSTALL system

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449 Libraries/Tools/Software

little b | LoGS Log Analysis software | REGEX/CLAWK/LEXER Packages | FM-PLUGIN-TOOLS | rucksack | ZPB-TTF | CL-EARLEY-PARSER | html-encode | cl-gdata | xmlutils | BABYLON | Kenzo | LML | ucw-extras | LaTeX Letter | cl-openpoker | Dialogue | cl-audioscrobbler | cl-mediawiki | PLOKAMI - Common Lisp PCAP Interface | CL-SCREEN | CLiki | Elephant | Heresy | cljl - Common Lisp JPEG Library | LOCAL-TIME | cl-cgi | CL-ISBN | de.setf.utility | freetype-ffi | defsystem-compatibility | Curly | cl-randist | FUCC | cl-oauth
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CLoX: Common Lisp Objects for XEmacs

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CL-Typesetting(Modified)| CL-PDF(Modified)| Clon, the Command-Line Options Nuker(Modified)| Ystok-Library(Modified)| Ystok-Local-Time(Modified)| cl-gdata(Added)| cl-portaudio(Added)| Common Lisp User Space File System(Added)| cl-btree(Added)| CL-RCFiles(Modified)| Wu-Decimal(Added)| CLERIC(Modified)| Binary-types(Annotated)| CL-PNG(Modified)| NEW-OP(Added)| mod_lisp for Lighttpd(Added)| Screamer(Commented)| PLOKAMI - Common Lisp PCAP Interface(Modified)| PCall(Modified)| Postmodern(Modified)| ST-JSON(Modified)
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Libraries which are in and should likely be here as well:
archive; array-operations; asdf-addons; asdf-dependency-grovel; asdf-world; avl-tree; base64; binascii; Buclet; Calispel\
; ChanL; chemical-compounds; chipz; chronicity; Chunga; CL Enumerations; CL SBML; cl-2d; cl-alsa; cl-applescript; cl-bas\
e64; cl-bencode; CL-BibTeX; cl-btree; cl-closure-template; cl-cudd; CL-DATA-FORMAT-VALIDATION; CL-DBUS; CL-DIFFLIB; CL-D\
NA; CL-DOCUTILS; cl-en; cl-etsy; cl-event; cl-factoradic; CL-FAD; cl-future; cl-gd; cl-geo; cl-github; cl-gnuplot; cl-ho\
oks; cl-horde3d; CL-HTML-DIFF; cl-icu; cl-irregsexp; cl-jointgen; cl-jpl-util; cl-l10n; cl-launchpad; cl-libsvm; cl-log;\
cl-madhl; cl-match; CL-MIME; cl-mpi; cl-mw; cl-namegen; cl-openal; cl-openid; cl-pack; cl-package-aliases; cl-peg; cl-p\
eriod; cl-photo; cl-qprint; cl-random; cl-rsvg; cl-satwrap; CL-Sendmail; cl-serializer; cl-smbclient; cl-smugmug; cl-smu\
gsmug; cl-sqlite; cl-stm; cl-store; cl-svg; cl-syntax-sugar; cl-treemaps; cl-unicode; cl-uri-templates; cl-wbxml; cl-wkb\
; cl-xmlspam; cl-z; CL-ZEROCONF; cl-zlib; CLAIM; clc-build-daemon; CLIO; CLNUPlot; clois-lane; Clon (2 other libraries b\
y the same name); clonsigna; CLUE; common-idioms; comparisons; computed-class; Conduits; content-length; cparse; CRC-32;\
creole; csp; css-lite; database-migrations; DBC; de.setf.amqp; defclass*; demacs; diff; Drakma; ecl-readline; Editor Hi\
nts; EGADDS; epoll; fare-matcher; Flexi-streams; floyd-warshall; Foreign Structures By Value; FSet; FSVD; FTP; Gambol; G\
eiriadur; glop; GPGME; GSLL; heap; HT-SIMPLE-AJAX; HTML-TEMPLATE; Hunchentoot LSP; iconv; ip-interfaces; irc-logger; jmt\
.lisp; jpl-queues; jsgen; KR; l-math; langutils; lassie; latex-table; LGLFW; libgpg-error; Line Reader; Linedit; lisp-ma\
trix; lisp-network-server; Lisp-SNMP; LispLab; Log4CL; MGL; micmac; midi; minheap; Misc-Extensions; mop-utils; MW-EQUIV;\
Named multiple-values; named-readtables; NARCL; NET.QUADIUM.LDAP; NET.QUADIUM.LDIF; NetCLOS; Objective-CL; odd-streams;\
Okra; org-no-carrier-tail-funcall; OSICAT; packer; parser-combinators; patg; patron; pcond; PCRE; periodic-table; Pg; p\
ipes; Portable-Threads; Puri; py-random; Pyffi; Qi; read-macros; Red-Black-trees; s-base64; S-EXPAND; S-PROTOBUF; s-util\
s; Salza2; save-object; sb-dxf; sb-screen; sb-sha1; sb-simple-audio; scribble; shelisp; simple-rgb; simple-stream; SimpS\
amp; snmp-async; sparklines; spath; Stats; sw-stm; telnetlib; testbild; text-template; Texticl; timer; TINA; Toadstool; \
trivial-bit-streams; trivial-captcha; trivial-configuration-parser; trivial-features; trivial-gray-streams; trivial-time\
rs; trivial-xmpp; ttf-ascii; TypeL; UncommonXML; unit-conversion; URL-REWRITE; USOCKET; wclas; Wilbur; WITH macro; X.FDA\
TATYPES; xml-psychiatrist; xmls-tools; yacc; ZIP; ZS3

Submitted by agrostis 2850 days 17 hours 33 min ago