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cl-wav-synth - Express noises as you think
Created by amoroso on: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 09:07:00 GMT, Last modification: Mon, 05 Feb 2007 16:41:51 GMT

A WAV sound sample editor with a library for manipulating WAV files and a (Mc)CLIM GUI. The GUI is based on a Lisp listener and provides editing tools for samples, spectra and songs.
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Version2007-02-05 - Monday, 05 February 2007
OS compatibilityUnix, MacOSX, MS Windows
ASDF installableNo
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cl-wav-synth is a wav sample editor. It comes in two parts, the main library for manipulating wav files and a (Mc)CLIM interface with a full lisp listener, a sample pane editor, a spectrum pane editor and a song pane editor.

The wav sample editor is driven from the lisp REPL: you can watch immediately the result of each applied functions. cl-wav-synth comes with some effects as echo, delay, pitch...

The spectrum editor is here just for educational purpose. It show the effect of adding sinus together. But it can load spectrum from the sharc project and can be used to produce instruments sounds (the sample amplitude need to be modified to have a real sound).

The song editor is a way to express a song. A song is just a list of events to write on a wav file. cl-wav-synth traverses the song list and evaluates the form of each song-sample, if the result is a wav sample, it is merged in the song wav file.

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McCLIM | ASDF | CFFI - the Common Foreign Function Interface

Authors and Maintainers

Philippe Brochard


Windows family | MacOS classic | Music | Signal processing | CLIM | Libraries | Applications | Unix family | LLGPL

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