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    Sunday, 23 September 2018 - anonymous
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Created by bsdfish on: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 09:21:35 GMT, Last modification: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 15:34:01 GMT

NLISP provides an interactive numerical computation environment, similar to packages like Matlab and IDL.
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Version0.40 -
OS compatibility"Unix of some sort (Unix, Linux, OS X etc.)"
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Numerical computer languages generally come in two flavours, traditional compiled languages like Fortran and C, or numerical packages like Matlab, IDL, Yorick and Octave. These packages borrow a great deal from lisp. An interactive environment, dynamic object (array) creation and garbage collection are features found in lisp systems. Common Lisp provides one of the best computing environments around, and is a far superior language to those found in numerical packages. It can also be compiled, like C or Fortran. As a numerical computation environment however, Lisp lacks three essential components. First, although Common Lisp has an array type, it does not have array syntax. Secondly, there is no in built support for producing scientific plots. And finally, lisp lacks an extensive library of mathematical functions, essential for a numerical computation environment. NLISP aims to add these three components to Common Lisp. Operators and functions for array syntax have been added in the form of 'dot operators' and 'dot functions' (not to be confused with the dot product!). For example '.+' is array plus and '.sin' is array sin. Plotting is provided through an interface to Gnuplot, and the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) provides the mathematical library.

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NLISP updated

NLISP is under continuing development, the current release is 0.7.1 and indeed it is now ASDF installable. There is a mailing list and source code repository (at Contributions are welcome!

Submitted by leighsmith 4078 days 5 hours 34 min ago