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    Wednesday, 14 November 2018 - anonymous
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PLOKAMI - Common Lisp PCAP Interface
Created by xristos on: Sun, 02 Nov 2008 18:42:17 GMT, Last modification: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 00:31:25 GMT

PLOKAMI is a lispy interface to libpcap/winpcap built on top of a CFFI portability layer.
Realtime network packet capture, injection, dumpfile reading/writing, filtering with BPF, timeouts and operation in non-blocking mode.
Tested on: SBCL (darwin/linux), OpenMCL, LispWorks (windows/darwin). Should work on every platform that CFFI supports.

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Version1.5 -
OS compatibilityLinux, Windows, OSX, BSD
ASDF installableNo
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Compatible Implementations

LispWorks | OpenMCL | SBCL

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CFFI - the Common Foreign Function Interface


Network Programming | FFI | BSD license | Libraries | ASDF installable

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It may be obvious, but when I tried this library at the first time, I missed the point that the process that used libpcap must have had enough privileges to read from device. So in my case I needed to run sbcl with sudo to just get the list of devices with find-all-devs.

Submitted by ilowry 3662 days 10 hours 25 min ago


Yes you should have permissions for packet capture.
I simply chown /dev/bpf* on osx/bsd instead of sudo.

Submitted by xristos 3659 days 1 hour 41 min ago

injection support

i added packet injection support (raw link layer frames) in git

Submitted by xristos 3486 days 21 hours 4 min ago