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    Wednesday, 21 November 2018 - anonymous
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Unix-Style CLI Option Parser
Created by astine on: Mon, 09 Nov 2009 20:58:33 GMT, Last modification: Tue, 09 Feb 2010 19:38:40 GMT

A parser for unix style command line options. Can act as a simple Getopt for Lisp or can automatically bind values passed in from the CLI.
Web site
Version0.2.4 -
OS compatibilityLinux on x86
Other Posix/style systems should work but aren't tested.
ASDF installableYes
Official Download
Mirrored Download
Source code repository

Unix-options is a small Common Lisp library for parsing unix-style command line options.

This library is very new and not widely tested so suggestions, bug-reports and patches are welcome.

An example of usage:

(with-cli-options ()
    (print ¶meters in-file out-file)
  (if print
    (with-open-file (in :direction :input)
      (with-open-file (out :direction :output)
        (while (peek-char in)
(write-char (read-char in) out))))))
$ sample-program -p -i input.txt -o output.txt
=> write input.txt to output.txt

Full instructions can be found in the README

Please send any feedback to unix dot options (at) librelist dot com

Compatible Implementations

LispWorks | Allegro Common Lisp | OpenMCL | CLISP | SBCL

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Utilities | Parsers | ASDF installable | Unix family

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