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CMU Common Lisp Repository
Created by marc.battyani on: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 17:51:41 GMT, Last modification: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 17:51:41 GMT

This is some kind of ancestor of the Common Lisp Directory...
The Common Lisp Repository (formerly the Lisp Utilities Repository) was established by Mark Kantrowitz in 1990 to collect files and programs of general interest to Common Lisp programmers. Many of the programs will run in any Common Lisp implementation; others are easily ported. Information files include the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) postings for the comp.lang.lisp and comp.lang.clos newsgroups, introductions to some Lisp topics, and some summaries of topics of interest to Common Lisp programmers. In 1993 the Lisp Utilities Repository was incorporated into the CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository, and was renamed the Common Lisp Repository to reflect an expanded mission.

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