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    Thursday, 18 October 2018 - anonymous
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Created by amoroso on: Sat, 07 Jan 2006 17:18:32 GMT, Last modification: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 20:41:28 GMT

IRC client library featuring partial support for DCC, CTCP and related commands from RFC 2810, RFC 2811 and RFC2812.
cl-irc uses usocket for implementation independent socket access. It uses FLEXI-STREAMS to solve character encoding problems inherent to the IRC protocol (which stems from pre-Unicode age and doesn't allow charset specification).

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Version0.8.1 - Friday, 20 April 2007
OS compatibilitySame as usocket (Unix [incl. MacOS X and Linux], Windows)
ASDF installableYes
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Compatible Implementations

OpenMCL | LispWorks | Armed Bear Common Lisp | Allegro Common Lisp | CMUCL | SBCL

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Required by these libraries

Core Services | beirc

Authors and Maintainers

Brian Mastenbrook | Erik Huelsmann | Andreas Fuchs | Erik Enge


ASDF installable | Network Programming | Unix family | MIT

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