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Created by Edi on: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 15:20:30 GMT, Last modification: Mon, 09 Oct 2006 23:25:16 GMT

A toolkit for dynamic Lisp websites.
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OS compatibilityTBNL needs a Lisp which is MP-capable, and some of the supported Lisps don't over MP on all platforms. Other than that, TBNL should work with Windows, OS X, and Linux/Unix.
ASDF installableYes
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TBNL is a toolkit for building dynamic websites with Common Lisp. It can sit behind front-ends like Hunchentoot, Araneida (two web servers written in Common Lisp), or the popular Apache combined with Marc Battyani's mod_lisp. It can also pretend to be a HTTP server itself.

TBNL provides facilities like automatic session handling (with and without cookies), logging (to Apache's log files or to a file in the file system), customizable error handling, and easy access to GET and POST parameters sent by the client. It does not include functionality to programmatically generate HTML output. For this task you can use any library you like, e.g. (shameless self-plug) CL-WHO or HTML-TEMPLATE.

Compatible Implementations

LispWorks | Allegro Common Lisp | SBCL | CMUCL | OpenMCL

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Required by these libraries

Wispy Lisp

Authors and Maintainers

Edi Weitz


BSD license | Web Framework

See Also

Installing TBNL on Linux and Windows and creating a web application

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1 Notes

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TBNL is deprecated

TBNL is deprecated and has been replaced by Hunchentoot.

Submitted by Edi 09/10/2006 23:25:16


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