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    Tuesday, 24 January 2017 - anonymous
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Any operating system - Dummy entry denoting an unspecified operating system

This entry can be used for tagging software that is not operating system specific, and may be assumed to run on any operating system where an ANSI Common Lisp implementation is available.

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Abstract classes | rucksack | LOCAL-TIME | Infix notation macro | cl-menusystem | Hierarchical packages | yaclml | Closer to MOP | Common LISPcraft Code | cl-libtai | List comprehensions for Lisp | cl-calculator | parse-number | Sudoku Solver | cl-json | Genhash | cljl - Common Lisp JPEG Library | MOP Feature Tests | CL-UTILITIES | Common Lisp and IEEE 754 | SKIPPY | SubX | jpeg | hyperspec-lookup | Toposort | FReT | DefDoc | Conduit packages | TREES | sequence-search/replace | Global lexical variables | Bouquet: a graph generator | User Manual: Automatical User Manual Creation | Memoizing functions | Postscript Lindenmayer Systems
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ParenScript(Modified)| FiveAM(Modified)| cl-json(Modified)| Singleton classes(Modified)| net-telent-date(Commented)| FReT(Modified)| LaTeX Letter(Modified)| Exscribe(Modified)| Closer to MOP(Modified)| ContextL(Modified)| FUCC(Modified)| SKIPPY(Modified)| Numerical Recipes in Common Lisp (Ken Olum Variant...(Commented)| LOCAL-TIME(Added)| cl-flash(Modified)| Float numbers input-output(Added)| Source Compare (SC): A 'diff' program for Common L...(Added)| XREF(Added)| User Manual: Automatical User Manual Creation(Added)| fare-csv(Added)| sequence-search/replace(Added)
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