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    Saturday, 15 December 2018 - anonymous
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Created by amoroso on: Tue, 03 Jan 2006 19:31:36 GMT, Last modification: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 16:39:13 GMT

CMU Common Lisp "is a free, high performance implementation of the Common Lisp programming language which runs on most major Unix platforms". It provides an advanced native code compiler, a powerful FFI, debugging and profiling tools, an Emacs-like editor, and more. Most of the CMUCL code is in the public domain, the rest is under a BSD-like license.

Web site:
Version: 19d Sunday, 10 December 2006
Maturity: Mature
Mailing list:
Source code repository:
OS compatibility: Linux, xBSD, Mac OS X, Solaris, IRIX, HP-UX


Martin Cracauer | Pierre Mai | Raymond Toy


Implementations | BSD license | Linux | Public Domain | BSD

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