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    Monday, 15 October 2018 - anonymous
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Created by amb on: Wed, 04 Jan 2006 10:47:25 GMT, Last modification: Thu, 04 Nov 2010 09:21:55 GMT

Screamer is an extension of Common Lisp that adds support for nondeterministic programming. Screamer consists of two levels. The basic nondeterministic level adds support for backtracking and undoable side effects. On top of this nondeterministic substrate, Screamer provides a comprehensive constraint programming language in which one can formulate and solve mixed systems of numeric and symbolic constraints. Together, these two levels augment Common Lisp with practically all of the functionality of both Prolog and constraint logic programming languages such as CHiP and CLP(R). Furthermore, Screamer is fully integrated with Common Lisp. Screamer programs can coexist and interoperate with other extensions to Common Lisp such as CLOS, CLIM and Iterate.
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Version3.20 - Wednesday, 04 January 2006
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Compatible Implementations

Generic ANSI Common Lisp | CMUCL | Allegro Common Lisp | LispWorks


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1 Notes

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Other source

There seems to be a newer source in git source control, available at:

Submitted by bobbysmith007 10/12/2008 15:46:17


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MIT licence

Mr. Siskind kindly has given permission to distribute it under MIT license.
My current repository is at Github ( Differences to 3.20 are so far limited to cleanups (support for Symbolics, AKCL, etc. has been stripped) and light modifications to make it run in an ANSI Common Lisp, plus some documentation strings copied over from

Submitted by nikodemus 2940 days 4 hours 20 min ago

Trouble updating information

A better "homepage" the copy of Screamer I maintain is but I can't seem to update this page.
SBCL should also be added to "Compatible Implementations", as it is the one I use to work on Screamer -- or the list should just be empty and have only "Generic ANSI Common Lisp".

Submitted by nikodemus 2902 days 7 hours 7 min ago